Cwmaman Care Centre




Mrs D’s son:

“Many of you became not just  her carers, but her friends also.  For that, and for helping to sustain her in body and spirit, we shall always be most grateful.  My brother joins me in these sincere thanks. Diolch yn fawr iawn.”

Mr M’s daughter:

“Losing my father is hard to accept but knowing people cared helps to ease the pain.”

Mr D’s son:

“We would like to thank you for the way my father was cared for while he was with you.”

Mrs R’s daughter:

“Being looked after so well and having the company of such lovely residents has made a big difference to her overall well-being and we are very grateful to you all.”

Mrs R’s niece:

“Many thanks for looking after Aunty E so well.  K and I really appreciated the knowledge she was in kind hands.”

Mrs R’s daughter:

“At Cwmaman you gave her a lot of attention and made her feel welcome. The four years that followed were hard for us, seeing her health deteriorate; but we were comforted by the fact that she was happy and being well looked after, a fact that we will always be very grateful.”

Mrs D’s daughter:

“It is almost a year since my mother first came to you.  When she came she was not a happy person.  She was very stressed, she ate hardly anything and she had no energy to enjoy anything.

To our amazement she settled in very quickly and has gone from strength to strength since her admission.  R & I have seen tremendous changes in her over the past twelve months.  She is now relaxed, usually cheerful and able to enjoy visits out with us to places she never thought she would see again.  She eats well and walks further than she has done for years.

We are tremendously grateful to you and cannot speak too highly of your marvellous staff who are unfailingly cheerful, kind, polite and professional.  It is the kind of care which everyone hopes to find for their loved ones.”

Mrs R’s daughter:

“There is no way we can even come close to sufficiently thanking you for all you have done for us.  We have benefited from all of you without ever having had the opportunity to meet.  No matter, what’s important is that you know who you are, but possibly you need this reminder of how precious you are.

Please accept our appreciation and please, please continue to give to others what you have given to us.”

Mr M:

“I would like to thank very very much to all the Management, all the carers, all the kitchen staff, handyman and all the patients in Cwmaman Care Centre for giving me an outstanding welcome and outstanding rest and care they gave me and all the kindness I received from them all.  I can’t thank them enough for a wonderful week they gave. Thanks”

Mrs J’s son:

“You only knew her for a short while, but you all made her feel safe and happy in her last months.”